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REHAU has continually manufactured PVC-window profiles over a period of almost 60 years. This knowledge and experience result in the development of the standard profile formulation RAU-PVC 1406 which has proved its efficiency in window systems for the European market for many years. RAU-PVC 1406 is a formulation that is resistant against UV radiation up to 160 kcal/cm²/p.a. and is used in Central Europe.
In order to meet the requirements of markets like Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East Region that belong almost exclusively to the hot climatic zones with a global radiation of more than 160 kcal/cm²/p.a.
REHAU has developed the formulation RAU-PVC 1476 with an outstanding resistance against UV-radiation and hot weather.
This REHAU PVC formulation is successfully used in India, Africa and Australia for many years.
Apart from a higher resistance against UV-radiation, window profiles of this formulation show the same excel-lent mechanical properties as the experienced standard formulation RAU-PVC 1406.
Hot climatic zones require high pigment content. The pigment Titanium Dioxide, a relatively expensive material is used to stabilize the profiles against high radiation and keeps the profile white for decades.
Outdoor exposure tests over many years in humid-hot as well as in dry-hot climate zones proved that by in-creasing the shares of light-stabilizer pigments an efficient protection against radiation energy is achieved.

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